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About Us

Who we are

The primary objective of the Communications department is to build a positive image and reputation for the Financial Services Board, through strategic relationships between the FSB and its internal and external stakeholders.  The ultimate aim is to make a contribution towards the achievement of the FSB’s vision and mandate – that of promoting and maintaining a sound financial investment environment in South Africa.
To fulfill the mandate, the Communications department focuses on the following communications and stakeholder areas:
 Media Relations:
  • Building a sound relationship with media.
  • Media monitoring. 
Brand awareness amongst consumers, regulated entities and other
Stakeholders is done through:
  •  Mass media advertising
  • Research activities
  • Management and monitoring of the FSB's corporate identity
  • Management and training of the FSB and FAIS Ombud Call Centre
 The department is also responsible for the production of:
  • FSB Bulletin
  • Regulator’s Rumours
  • Annual Reports
  • Video casts

What we do

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