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New License Applications

New License Applications and Progress on Submitted Applications

  • The call centre will be able to provide you with and electronic application form.
  • An FSP number will be allocated to you after submission of the application forms to the FSB.
  • The required fee must be paid prior to submission of the forms and proof of payment must accompany the application form.
  • Read the instructions on each form before completing the relevant forms and if required, make copies of the pages needed.
  • FSP 14A must be completed in full and be signed by the responsible person.
  • The applicant must appoint a compliance officer if it will have more than one key individual or representatives.
  • If an application for the approval of a compliance practice and/or officer (Form FSP 13) is not attached to your application, please ensure that your Compliance Officer is already approved as a Compliance Officer.
  • FAIS  eLicensing System
  • Application form for financial services providers
      Applying through the FSB directly:

      The application is available in Word format, and can be obtained from our Contact Centre. A reference number will be issued to you as soon as you submit your application form to the FSB. (Please note that this number is not your FSP approved license number; it’s a temporary reference no. to record your enquiry and procedure of application

      Applying through a recognised representative body:

      Please contact the body directly for their application procedures
      To download the Application Form in pdf format:

      Applicants are requested to adhere to the numerical order of the document when filling out the forms.

      1. FSP 1 - Business Information of Financial Services Provider
      2. FSP 2 - Licence categories
      3. FSP 3 - Directors, officers and applicable shareholders
      4. FSP 4 - Key individuals / Applicant Sole proprietor
      5. FSP 5 - Representatives
      6. FSP 6 - Compliance officer of FSP
      7. FSP 7 - Operational ability
      8. FSP 8 - Financial soundness
      9. FSP 9 - External auditor
      10. FSP 10 - Nominee company or independent custodian of discretionary or administrative FSP
      11. FSP 11 - Clearing firm or foreign forex services provider of forex services provider
      12. FSP 12 - Application for specific exemptions
      13. FSP 13 - Application for the approval of a compliance officer (separate form)
      14. FSP 14 - Attachments, list of all completed forms and declarations
      15. FSP 15 - Hedge fund Application form

  • Determination of Fit and Proper requirements for Financial Services Providers
  • Board Notice 9 of 2004: Form of license - FAIS licensing certificate
    Published in Gov. Gazette 25942, 23 January 2004
  • FSP Application Progress Enquiry
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