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About Us

Who we are

Our department is responsible for investigating market abuse offences as defined in the Financial Markets Act No 19 of 2012 (FMA). Essentially we carry out the mandate of the Directorate of Market Abuse (DMA) which is a committee appointed by the Minister of Finance, to investigate and enforce the prohibitions against market abuse contained in the FMA. The FMA clearly defines that there are three market abuse offences, namely; insider trading (prohibited in section 78), market manipulation (prohibited in section 80), and false reporting (prohibited in section 81).

What we do

We protect the integrity of our financial markets, thereby protecting members of the public and investing community who trade in securities listed on a regulated market. In the event that the DMA finds that the FMA has been contravened it has various avenues available to it, namely; it may refer the matter to the FSB’s Enforcement Committee for enforcement action to be instituted against the offender, refer the matter to the National Prosecuting Authority for criminal prosecution or apply for a court interdict or attachment order in relation to any matter referred to in Chapter X of the FMA.​
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