The Insurance Division of the Financial Services Board invites interested parties to attend the annual Insurance Conduct of Business and Insurance Prudential Seminars of 2017.

The aim of the Seminars is to share information on supervisory reforms and regulatory developments in the short-term and the long-term insurance sectors.The same Seminars will be hosted as one day sessions in Pretoria and Cape Town.

The content of the Pretoria and Cape Town sessions will be the same. Registration is free of charge.

In the event that you have registered and are unable to attend, please click on the 'Cancellations' tab to cancel a registration to allow another delegate to register in your place.

Ref No Name Date Time Seats Available Seats Taken
125 Insurance Prudential Seminar - Cape Town 27/11/2017 8h00
126 Insurance Prudential Seminar - Pretoria 23/11/2017 8h00
127 Insurance Conduct of Business Seminar - Pretoria 24/11/2017 8h00
128 Insurance Conduct of Business Seminar - Cape Town 28/11/2017 8h00