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Information Circular No  4 of 2018 - Clarification of the effective date of Directive PF no 8.pdf
Retirement FundsCirculars2018/03/22
Press Release - Section 26(2) database advert.pdf
Retirement FundsPress Release2018/03/09
Directive 8 - Prohibition on the Acceptance of Gratification.pdf
Retirement FundsDirective2018/03/09
Registrar of Pension Funds Annual Report 2016.pdf
Retirement FundsPublications2018/03/08
Notice 1 of 2018 - Penalties Imposed in terms of Section 37(2).pdf
Retirement FundsBoard Notices2018/01/19
Comments Matrix - Notice 1 of 2018.pdf
Retirement FundsPublications2018/01/18
Information Circular No. 1 of 2018.pdf
Retirement FundsCirculars2018/01/12
Steinhoff Investment schedule.xlsx
Retirement FundsCirculars2017/12/11
Information Circular PF No  5 of 2017 Steinhof.pdf
Retirement FundsCirculars2017/12/11
Unclaimed Benefits - Questions and Answers.pdf
Retirement FundsPublications2017/09/07
Media Statement - Revised Draft Default Regulations - Lowering charges and Improving Market Conduct for Retirement Funds.pdf
Retirement FundsPress Release2017/01/17
Media Release - Implementation of Tax Harmonisation of Retirement Fund Contributions and Benefits.pdf
Retirement FundsPress Release2015/12/04
Questions and Answers Tax harmonisation and retirement reforms – 2015-12-03.pdf
Retirement FundsInformational Letters2015/12/04
Explanatory Memorandum - Draft Notice for investment in hedge funds - 19.11.2015.pdf
Retirement FundsBoard Notices2015/11/20
Draft Notice-investment in hedge funds for consultation - 19.11.2015.pdf
Retirement FundsBoard Notices2015/11/20
Circular No3 of 2015.pdf
Retirement FundsCirculars2015/08/18
Notice re filling of vacancy in board of fund Published for comment.pdf
Retirement FundsCirculars2015/05/20
Explanatory Memorandum Appointment of Board Member Section 7A Published for comment.pdf
Retirement FundsCirculars2015/05/20
Draft Information Circular on prescribed training and skills for board members.pdf
Retirement FundsCirculars2015/05/20
Retirement Fund table.xlsx
Retirement FundsDirective2014/10/21
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